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The Paleo Cottage – How it all began…..

Back in 2014, I’d noticed that despite eating a low-fat diet and having a fairly active lifestyle, I’d lost my previously high energy levels. I seemed to be tired most of the time, struggled to concentrate, and generally felt ‘meh’. If that wasn’t enough, I noticed my ankles felt uncomfortable and weak whenever I stood up after an hour or so sitting down. Initially I put it down to getting older – I mean, I was 40, a single mum, enrolled on a law degree, and running my own Health & Safety Consultancy business.  I had been burning the candles and both ends, and let’s be honest, I was getting older – even though I still feel like a teenager on the inside!

I had also been battling depression since 1999 where a couple of life-changing events had hit me much harder than I had realised, but despite this, I’d managed to secure a great job in an industry I loved, and there was room for career progression.  As it was a male-dominated environment it was common to hear comments like “this is no place for a woman”, “women should stay at home and let us men earn the money” etc, I had to keep my private life and family life outside of the work environment.  In a 24/7 industry, it wasn’t easy, but I managed it for over 10 years until I decided to leave the industry and go back to university to take a break away from all the politics.

I was researching the effects of a chemical substance for a client that started me thinking …“what if the food we’re eating is making us ill?”.  I thought about alcohol poisoning as an example. I was aware that if I drank too much alcohol on an empty stomach, my body would naturally eject it to reduce the chances of alcohol poisoning.  But, what about poisons we ingest every single day?  We eat them in our food and drink, they’re in our toothpaste, they seep in through our skin (beauty products, perfumes, deodorants etc), we breathe them in via exhaust fumes, scented candles, plug-in air fresheners, household cleaners etc.  There are chemicals everywhere. Our body would simply get used to them all and adapt, or make us sick slowly, right up to the point that we wouldn’t even realise we were being poisoned!

I also remembered, that many years ago I’d been working at a Young Offenders Institute and witnessed a normally polite and mild-mannered young teen walk into the office during the lunch hour, and change into an aggressive, abusive, loud and scary individual. His Case Worker following behind.  Completely out of character the youth picked up chairs and other office equipment and hurled them across the room like a wild animal. (Thankfully the office and it’s staff were geared up for this kind of incident and, so, it went into lockdown.)  Security shutters deployed in order to contain the commotion and prevent injuries. This episode lasted for about an hour. I spoke with the Case Worker later that afternoon when things had returned to normal, and learned that the outburst was caused by the food he’d eaten some 30 minutes before. (A meal from a local fast food restaurant had been bought for him as a reward for his improved behaviour by his Case Worker.)  Here was first-hand evidence of food being capable of affecting a person’s behaviour – in a bad way.

And so began some research.  One of the first books I read was Damon Gameau’s “That Sugar Book”, followed by many, many more over the years. I’ve also discovered countless articles from around the world.

There were many stories supporting how a Paleo lifestyle improved the lives of themselves and their families.  Some examples included having diabetes reversed; and children and teenagers improving significantly with their schoolwork due to being able to concentrate in class and focus better on the required work.

Prevention really is better than cure.

In 2014/5 I was introduced to Paleo.  It was not a diet (I don’t do diets I like food too much!).  It was a lifestyle change which, in it’s purest form, looked at stripping out unnecessary and harmful chemicals from our daily lives. For me, the first step was an overhaul in the food department which I did in the form of a 10 Week Plan.  

Over 10 Weeks I enjoyed great food – all prepared and cooked from fresh ingredients, herbs and spices.  I ate tasty, healthful food.  After 10 Weeks, the benefits were (among other things) those listed below. It honestly was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my family. The ankle aches and pains disappeared, my energy levels went through the roof, I was fuller for longer after every meal, and I even managed to reduce my shopping bill – which was no mean feat especially with a growing teenage boy in the house!  The food was so good he enjoyed it too.  I did not calorie count and the only weighing I did was for the recipes – and then I generally doubled them so that I could freeze the extra portions.  The recipes were dead easy to follow and the food I prepared (meals for 4) we generally split evenly between the two of us. There were no empty calories, just tasty, nutrient-dense, real, clean food.

So, if you feel like you want to experience the following results for yourself and embrace a change, I’d recommend the 10 Week Plan.  It might seem like a long time, but what’s 10 Weeks out of the rest of your life?

When you subscribe to one of Our Plans, you’ll be introduced to our version of Paleo.  It’s “our version” because we make use of herbs and spices that aren’t commonly grown in the UK, but are (now) easily found in good Supermarkets.

Everything I share with you through Our Plans are tried and tested.  It worked for us, and it should work for you too.  This could be the best decision you ever make for yourself (and/or your family).

Still not sure?  Take a look below at some of the benefits you could enjoy.



Just some of the Results You Can Expect When You Follow the 10 Week Plan…..


Increased Energy


Weight and Size Loss


Better Performance & Recovery after Exercise


Improved Concentration Levels


Improved Mental Clarity


Better Quality Sleep


Improved Immune System


Thicker, Fuller Hair and Healthier, Stronger Nails


Clear, Radiant Skin, Bright Sparkly Eyes


Leaner, Stronger Muscles


Banish Hunger & Cravings


.... And much more

Andrea Dodds

Andrea Dodds

Co-founder, and Mum to Alex

Self-Employed Occupational Health & Safety Consultant with 20+ years experience specialising in risk management and legal compliance.  Andrea has supported a number of major projects in high risk industries across the UK.

Currently enrolled on a Nutrition Advisor course to further develop knowledge and gain a recognised qualification that will support our growing  community. 

Interests include food for health and wellbeing, yoga and pilates,  legal matters, travel and photography.

Alex York

Alex York


Chief recipe developer and taster!  Responsible for many of the blogs and articles published on the website.

Currently enrolled on a Nutrition Advisor course to develop existing knowledge and gain a recognised qualification, again, to support our growing community.

Interests include food, environment, health and fitness.