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Are you eating “healthy” meals, exercising regularly, yet you’re not shifting excess weight (or have plateaued), struggling with low energy levels, or generally feeling…meh?

That was me about 5 years ago.

For almost 20 years prior to that, I had put my own health and wellbeing on a back burner whilst I raised a child as a single parent, worked full time on my career, and studied part-time on evenings.

I was burning the candle at both ends trying to make ends meet, and I felt exhausted and drained physically and mentally.

So when my son grew up and I finally had more time on my hands, I started to look into ways in which I can bring more vitality, energy, and joy back into my life. 

We started looking into our diet and lifestyle, and did everything the expert suggested…

✔️ We were eating “healthy food”

✔️ We home-cooked most of our meals

✔️ We work out regularly weekly

✔️ We made sure we got plenty of sleep

✔️ We regularly consumed dairy for calcium

✔️ We Took supplements and protein shakes

✔️ We even put a whole bunch of self-care routines in place!

The result?

After a few months of embracing this new lifestyle, we didn’t feel any obvious change in the way we feel. In fact, we felt even more exhausted having to keep up with so much stuff that’s supposed to give us our energy back and make us healthier!

Despite all that effort, we were still struggling to get out of bed every morning, experience afternoon crush on a daily basis, have low energy and low motivation in our day-to-day, and the stubborn fat which lingers no matter how much I try to cardio it away is still sticking around.

I remember feeling so puzzled!

I mean, we were doing everything by the book, why weren’t we feeling and functioning better?

That’s when I thought there is definitely something amiss about the modern-day health advice in general!

So we went on an extensive research for answers, and guess what? As it turns out…

Many of the “healthy” food we were eating was making us ill.

As an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant, I had been working on a project for a client that involved poisons.

Normally when the body is poisoned, we are naturally sick – the body does what it needs to expel the toxin from our systems quickly.

It got me thinking: What if the food we’re eating is making us ill?

My family lives on a farm and we could see the empty chemical containers strewn around the yard after each crop spraying session.

That’s when I start making the connection.

These chemicals used on crops are now in our food chain. We are poisoning ourselves, a little bit every day, and our bodies are no longer rejecting it, but storing the toxin within our body.

So what else do we know about our food that’s not entirely true? Where are the other toxins hiding in our food?

ENTER The common “healthy food” Myths

"Low-fat = Healthy!"

We were being told to “eat low-fat food” by all the health experts, yet no one tells us about the chemicals used to replace the fat.

We were potentially poisoning ourselves with chemical substitutes!

"Supplement= Healthy"

All those health supplements, protein shakes and meal replacements were all heavily processed and often sugar-laden!

We were potentially poisoning ourselves with artificial ingredients and sugar!

"Natural = Healthy"

Can you please write here why natural doesn’t mean it’s healthy? (Pesticides, grains, legume having allergens, you know that sort of stuff!)

This section is to bust some common healthy food myth! 

When we discovered the Paleo Diet, it was a massive turning point.

By cutting out processed food and junk food, we saved on our grocery bill. We are also fuller for longer in between meals so we no longer felt the urge to snack. I started shedding the stubborn excessive weight without additional workouts, and most important, a few weeks into the Paleo lifestyle, we both feel stronger, more energetic and find that we are able to concentrate at work and school much better!

It made such a HUGE difference in the way we live our lives, that was 5 years ago! Since then, we’ve been passionately sharing the Paleo lifestyle with our loved ones, and now you!

But we know, starting a new lifestyle can be overwhelming, not knowing how and where to begin, and there are just so many conflicting information out there. We get it


Signs that your body needs a reset…

When you

–> are constantly in a state of low energy and often experience brain fog (because our body is constantly inflamed from all the toxins)

–> have stubborn weight that you can’t seem to get rid of (because of all the stored toxins within your fat cells and in which you are adding to EVERY SINGLE DAY)

–> often fall sick or are very prone to catching flu and cold (because your immune system is just too overloaded by the amount of toxin in your body)

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